5 Skincare mistakes you might be making

5 Skincare Mistakes You Might Be Making | elodiebeauty.com

Are you someone who’s had the same skincare routine for decades? Those tried and true habits you’re doing on a daily basis might actually be all wrong. I have 5 skincare mistakes you might be making that, when remedied, could make a world of difference on your skin.

Have you been making any of these 5 skincare mistakes?  

  1. Applying moisturizer on dry skin
  2. Using oil exclusively as a moisturizer
  3. Popping red, inflamed pimples
  4. Applying eye cream or spot treatments on last
  5. Exfoliating in the morning

Watch the video to find out why these are mistakes and how you can remedy them!

5 tips to keep Your Pedicure Looking Fresh!

Keep Pedicure Looking Fresh | elodiebeauty.com

How do you keep that EXPENSIVE pedicure looking fresh and shiny? The minute I step out of the nail salon and walk onto the dusty streets of Toronto, it seems that my nails immediately lose their pretty shininess. 🙁

Every time I shell out the cash to get a pedicure (at my fav spot Her Majesty’s Pleasure, of course!) I do a few things which keep my toes looking fresh (for a few weeks at least!).

Do this to help your Pedicure last: 

  1. Avoid getting your toes wet for at least a few hours after a pedicure. Nail polish actually needs 8-12 hours to fully harden. If nails get wet during that time, the polish is more likely to lift off of the nail, increasing the chances of peeling and chipping.
  2. Oil up – Cuticles can dry out quickly. To keep them looking healthy and neat, rub a few drops of oil (of any kind) to your toes after the shower or before you go to bed.
  3. Keep a foot file or pumice stone in your shower – Every few days, give your feet a quick scrub with the file to keep soles smooth and soft!
  4. Bring your nail polish to the salon – This way,  you can easily fix any chips later down the road.
  5. Reapply a top coat – You can revive nails that are starting to look dull by re-applying a top coat. You’ll get instantly shiny nails again!

How do you keep your nails looking fresh? 

Go Makeup-free with these skincare tips

How to Go Makeup Free Preview Image

Going makeup-free always seems to be a goal we all have, but rarely do. We always feel that we have something to cover up or conceal.

You will never have flawless skin (because that doesn’t exist outside of photo filters!) but you can achieve healthy skin that will be radiant with, or without makeup. Try these tips to get your skin on the road to being healthy!

Improve Texture

Whether you’re wearing makeup or not, the texture of your skin can be quite noticeable and says a lot about your skin’s health.

  1. Exfoliate: Use a scrub to polish the skin, and an alpha hydroxy acid to help improve overall tone. For example, lactic acid can be very anti-inflammatory and can help diminish fine lines and mild scars. Try: Pure + Simple Lactic Acid. 
  2. Use a targeted serum: Dehydration is one of the main causes of rough skin and a serum with hyaluronic acid can help to boost the skin’s overall moisture level. Try: Viva Organics Hyaluronic Acid Serum.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids for acne during pregnancy | elodiebeauty.com

Get a Natural Glow

Combat dull and lacklustre skin using these two strategies: 

      1. Add fat: Just like a good diet, fats are essential to keep skin healthy. When skin is healthy it actually glows! Apply a face oil after your moisturizer which will nourish cells with fatty acids and protect the skin from moisture loss and environmental damage. Try: rosehip oil for dry skin, or seabuckthorn oil for combination skin. 
      2. Use a targeted serum for brightening: Vitamin C is a fantastic option to help brighten and fade pigmentation. Try: FitGlow Super C Serum.

Fitglow Super C Serum | elodiebeauty.com

Increase circulation

Healthy skin need nutrients to thrive. Increased circulation can help deliver oxygen and nutrients to the skin to keep it nourished. When skin is nourished it has a natural healthy rosy glow. 

    1. Try facial massage: Spend some time massaging your facial oil using an up and out motion. Be careful around the eyes and don’t forget about the neck!
    2. Use ingredients that will stimulate blood circulation: Try a face mask with clay or caffeine, like Province Apothecary Detoxifying + Clarifying Clay Mask, or 100% Pure Caffeine sheet mask. 

Clay masks for oily skin | elodiebeauty.com

Healthy Skin Test #2: Oil Balance

How Healthy is your skin? Take the Oil Balance Test! | elodiebeauty.com

This is the second part of my healthy skin video series where I show you three simple tests that you can take to determine your skin’s health. If you missed the first video, check it out!

Oil Balance

Have you ever complained about having oily skin? How about an oily T-zone while your cheeks are dry and flaky? Maybe you just have an oily forehead and chin?

Here’s the deal: we need oil on our skin.

Oil is the skin’s last line of defence. It protects the skin from the heat and the cold (keeping moisture locked in!). It protects our skin from bacteria and pollution, AND oil also helps keep wrinkles at bay!

The amount of oil your pores naturally secrete differs from person to person.

How you choose to control your body’s natural oil secretions can further affect how much it produces.

Watch the video to see how how balanced your oils are and what you can do to fix it!

Note: In the video, I didn’t clearly explain why you use oil to balance oil. This is mostly in the case where your skin is either not producing enough oil (so it needs extra help protecting itself), or it’s been stripped of it’s natural oils. This leaves the skin unprotected, susceptible to dehydration (see the first video) and producing too much oil. In cases like this, often the cheeks (which are naturally less oily) are dry and flaky, while the T-zone is excessively oily. By avoiding harsh and over-drying products, and by applying an oil after your moisturizer, it will signal to your body that the skin now has enough oil so it does not need to over compensate and produce more. 

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