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Joyous Health Eczema Healing Guide

Find a lasting solution for Eczema

Eczema is a skin conditions we always try to treat topically, yet often never fully find a lasting solution. There are two types of eczema, contact dermatitis (caused by contact allergies) and atopic dermatitis (caused by an immune function).

I’ve dealt with a nasty bit of eczema between my ring and middle finger for a few years now as a result of a reaction due to chemical cleaning products. Fortunately I’ve never had to deal with any other form of eczema, until I had my son Izzy.

Topical cream is not always enough 

Poor guy, every since he was 3 months old, Izzy started developing eczema around the sides of his face. Knowing what I know about skin reactions, I ruled all contact allergies out and came to the conclusion it had to be something I was eating (at this point he was only getting breast milk). I now know that dairy and eggs trigger his eczema. It’s quite remarkable actually. The other day I wanted to test out my theory and so I gave him a little bit of egg to eat (he’s now 8 months, by the way). Almost immediately the sides of his face turned red and the rash reappeared. As I said, poor guy.


That’s why I’m such a huge fan of Joy McCarthy’s newest book, The Eczema Healing Guide. Despite what some physicians may say (my son’s pediatrician just prescribed a steroid cream!) a change in diet can result in an improvement in at least 75% of cases.

I’m so excited to share this comprehensive guide with you that will educate you on the various causes of eczema, explain why conventional eczema solutions don’t work and provide you with a list of food, supplement and lifestyle-based solutions that DO work!

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Chia Seed Blueberry Drink + Joyous Detox giveaway – closed!

Joyous Health Chia Seed Blueberry Drink | recipe on

Photo credit: Christopher Bodnar

While we’re on the topic of hydration . . . 

I’m going to give you another CHIA recipe! (If you missed last week’s Hydrating Chia Seed Mask, check it out). This week I’m sharing a drinkable chia recipe from Joy McCarthy’s newest book, Joyous Detox.

Chia seeds have been trending in the “health food” world for a while. If you’re not familiar with them, they are tiny tasteless, black seeds that get gelatinous when mixed with water. They are extremely high in omega fatty acids, protein, fiber, and contain other minerals like zinc, copper, iron, and magnesium.

I’m posting this recipe in my January hydration series because chia seeds have the ability to absorb 9-10 times their weight in water! This Chia Seed Blueberry Drink is also super tasty and I know many people who need a little encouragement to get their daily water intake.

Chia seed water if great for:

  • hydrating and giving you an energy boost while at spin class or the gym
  • sipping while cooped up in a dry workplace
  • getting your water quota for the day in a delicious and non-boring way
  • feeling full in-between meals and as a mini, sweet tasting snack
  • aiding your body to detox and eliminate waste

Chia Seed Blueberry Drink

2 TBs chia seeds
1 cup filtered water
1 cup coconut water
1/4 cup fresh or thawed frozen blueberries

Stir chia seeds into 1/2 cup of the water. Let sit in the fridge overnight. In the morning, combine with the remaining water, coconut water, and blueberries.

This recipe is one of many in Joy McCarthy’s newest book, Joyous Detox.

Joyous Detox by Joy McCarthy


Head on over to the Elodie Beauty Facebook page, Like” the page, and join the conversation! I’m asking everyone to share, “what’s your favourite way to stay hydrated (both inside and out!)”? Contest ends Tuesday, January 24 at 6pm (EST). One winner will be randomly selected.

How to Make a Soothing Herbal Tea Bath

How to make a soothing herbal tea bath for pregnancy and postpartum | via Joyous Health

Photo and video via

After the whirlwind three weeks I’ve just had, relaxing and soothing my body with an herbal tea bath is just what the doctor ordered!

My little man (aka baby Isadore) decided to arrive 5 weeks early — well, it was actually because I had preeclamia. He probably would have stayed in there, nice and cozy, if he had the choice. As a result of these unfortunate circumstances and my symptoms persisting even after birth, I stayed at the hospital for a week and little Izzie was in the NICU for 2 weeks.

Now that we’re both home and getting into a new routine, these herbal tea baths are incredible for soothing my tired and sore (!) body, and calming the little guy. I actually filmed this video with Joy McCarthy of Joyous Health a few weeks before giving birth, but obviously was a bit delayed in sharing it with you!

These tea baths, made with soothing herbs like lavender, chamomile, and calendula, aren’t just for mom and baby but can be used by anyone. They are perfect for calming irritated, itchy skin, and relaxing both the body and mind. For the full recipe, head on over to the Joyous Health website.

Joyous Health Natural Beauty Guide + Giveaway (closed)

Joyous Health Natural Beauty Guide Review on Beauty starts from within!

Here at Elodie Beauty, we certainly talk a lot about how to beautify this and how to beautify that, but as I’ve always stressed, it’s not all about what we put on our body that makes us beautiful. I believe that beauty starts with how we take care of ourself, from the food we eat to the thoughts we think.

” When you focus on feeling beautiful, you’ll find that there’s nothing you need to cover up, laser off, Botox, or sacrifice to the surgeon’s knife.” – Joy McCarthy

That’s why I love Joy McCarthy’s newest online book, the Joyous Health Natural Beauty Guide.
Joy, who is a Holistic Nutritionist (and so naturally beautiful herself!) follows this philosophy. She says, “I know that it’s the food I eat and lifestyle I live that have the biggest impact on my outside beauty.” Joyous Health Natural Beauty Guide contains 14 DIY Beauty recipes plus amazing tips on staying beautiful from the inside out! This gorgeous online guide has a little bit of everything, from Joyous Health beauty principles, to tips on healthy digestion, and what foods to add or ditch in your diet. Also included are 14 awesome DIY beauty recipes to make at home.

Joyous Health Natural Beauty Guide DIY Beauty Recipes My personal favourite is the Refreshing Avocado Mask, which is a mix of creamy avocado (sooo moisturizing and full of amazing fats!), antioxidant rich matcha powder (bye, bye wrinkles!), and hydrating almond milk. This mask feels so silky smooth, it left my skin feeling super soft and nourished. It will be a lifesaver for combating dry and chapped skin during the upcoming winter months!
Elodie Beauty Bonus tip:
heat up some leftover almond milk and blend these ingredients (with a hint of honey) into an ultra decadent matcha latte while you put up your feet and enjoy this comforting mask.

It wouldn’t be fair to tell you all about this fantastic beauty guide, though, without giving you a chance to get your hands on a free copy! So I’ve joined with Joy to offer one lucky Elodie Beauty reader a chance to win a copy!

Only one person can win, so make sure to also visit the Joyous Health website and buy a copy of the Joyous Health Beauty guide, which is 72 pages of beautiful images and jammed packed with so much Joyous Health wisdom! ($34.95)

To Win a copy of the Joyous Health Natural Beauty Guide: 

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