Launching Tata Harper Facials + Giveaway (Closed)

New – Tata Harper Facials!

I have some exciting news to share with you all! Starting in May, I will be offering Tata Harper Facials that are specialized for anti-aging and skin detoxification. Don’t worry, I’m still offering my signature 100% customized facials using Graydon and other fantastic natural products but if you’re a cult Tata Harper follower, or have always wanted to try the products, these facials are for you!

I’m also excited to share that I will be offering these facials at both Innate Wellness locations (High Park and the Annex). Be the first to try them, call either location directly to book, or email My first date at Innate Wellness Annex will be on May 13!

To celebrate this happy occasion, I’ve teamed up with Tata Harper for a sweet giveaway, which includes the following products:

Regenerating Cleanser – 50ml
Repairative Moisturizer – 50ml
Be Adored Lip Tint

To enter, see my latest Instagram post for all the details! (@elodiebeauty_)
Must be a Canadian resident to enter and giveaway closes at 8 pm on Friday, May 6, 2016.

Tata Harper Facial Menu

Rejuvenating Facial – 60 min/ $125
Total rejuvenation and radiance! An infusion of botanical vitamin, minerals, omega ad antioxidants naturally provide environmental protection and nutrition to help the skin achieve a luminous, healthy glow. The perfect facial to provide the essential needs of your skin to deliver immediate and long-term anti-aging results.

Purifying Detox Facial – 60min / $150
Just like a juice cleanse for your skin! Created to address the concerns of acneic or blemish prone skin while also working to reverse environmental signs of aging. This treatment is a comprehensive detoxification for your skin featuring unique purifying products, powered by fruit enzymes, purple clay and essential oils. Focused deep cleansing or congested pores.

Back Facial – 45min / $100
All skin deserves attention! Cleanse, exfoliate and treat the full back and upper arms. A customized mask is applied to clarify and soften the skin while providing a deep moisturizing treatment.


Are all natural face care lines the same?

Natural Skin Care Products

Alright friends, let me level with you. When it comes down to it, many natural face care lines are not that different from the next.

Recently I was reading one of my favourite online blogs, No More Dirty Looks, which echoed this very thought, it said: “[natural face care lines] can feel a bit samesame after a while. A non-foaming cleanser, an amazing oil, and maybe a lovely hydrosal toner or spray…”

I don’t mean to take anything away from these fantastic lines, but (with a few exceptions) once you get to a certain quality of face care product (in other words: those that are made with pure, high quality ingredients, free of alcohol, perfumes, mineral oil, synthetic preservatives and all of the rest) they start to resemble each other. Don’t get me wrong, this is a good thing, it means they follow the same fundamentals of good natural skin care: cleanse gently, hydrate, replenish, and protect. It also means though that when I am asked, “what is the best natural face care line available”, the answer is not so simple.

I recommend products based on subtle differences. . .

Therefore, considering what I just said, obviously there ARE subtle differences, and so (aside from consideration of skin type and condition) I consider the following when recommending face care products:

1. Price point: I wish there was such a thing as a money tree, sadly there is not. I recognize that not everyone can afford expensive skincare, or even if they can, they don’t want to! Generally speaking, natural and organic products are more expensive than their synthetic counterparts, but fortunately there are options for every price point.

2. Look, appeal, and aroma: Some say you can’t judge a book by its cover, I would disagree. . . but that’s just me, you see! I like products that are pretty and luxurious – not everyone does, or cares. I have to consider an individual’s general aesthetic. Some like no-nonsense, others like glamorous-chic  and to smell like a rose garden.

3. Lifestyle: As much as I would like to recommend “the ideal” to everyone (double cleanse, exfoliate, tone, and apply a serum, moisturizer, and oil) it’s just not for everyone. If your skincare routine is comprised of soap and water, it’s pretty unlikely that you will try a twenty step process . . . but you may try some multi-purpose products.

4. Availability: I feel fortunate that I live in a large metropolitan area where many natural brands are available, but I recognize that not every city and town are the same. Naturally then, it is important to consider geographic location. At the end of the day if someone really needs that cleanser or moisturizer in a pinch, let’s not fool ourselves, instead of shipping the natural one from across the country, they’re more likely to just pick up the nearest thing at the local drug store.

Having a good skincare routine does not mean you have to be a glamour-queen. Likewise, “going natural” does not mean you have to be a tree loving hippie. It also doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. . . it certainly can if that’s what you want, or where you like to spend you money, but believe me, it’s not required! There really is something for everyone!

Questions? Need a product recommendation? Leave a comment below! Looking for a skincare and beauty routine tailored to your needs? Let me coach you, check out available services.

Tips from a Pro: Maya Goldenberg, Eco-Beauty Professional

Maya Goldenberg, eco beauty professional

Maya Goldenberg, make-up artist and eco-beauty professional

We are wrapping up this month’s ‘Pro Tips’ series with super talented, eco- beauty professional, Maya Goldenberg. She has worked as a professional make-up artist and skincare specialist for 15 years, and has worked for over 10 different “luxury” cosmetics brands. Even still, her personal professional preference is to use organic skincare and make-up, that are free of parabens, synthetic preservatives, pthalates, fragrance, and other ‘toxic ten’ ingredients. Currently based out of Toronto, Maya offers many services, among them are wedding and special event make-up application and image consultations.

1. Share a little bit about your morning and night time skin care routine.
Minimalism is where it’s at for me! Because I travel a lot for my work, my skincare routine is pared down and includes two multi-purpose products. Many of my clients know my rose water ritual, which has been a signature staple of my skincare routine since I was eight. My maternal grandmother (mémé) used to spend weekends with us and always let me have one dab of her rosewater on a cotton ball after my bath every Friday, which she gently tapped on my cheeks. The fragrance is so light and calms me down if I’m feeling stressed or if I have a headache. For the skin, I like it as a toner, and spray it on my face directly every morning and every night after I remove my make-up with coconut oil. One can remove the rosewater with a facecloth but I just leave it on and let it absorb. I also can’t live without coconut oil because it doubles as a great body moisturizer, lip balm and hair mask too. I recently tried oil pulling and also made your minty toothpaste recipe Seanna, and I really love it! The only other stuff I always have on me are tea tree, lavender and peppermint essential oils from DoTerra. These are multi-purpose, ultra pure, high grade essential oils and are great for your skin for various reasons. I get mine here from my friend Marie Josee, say hi for me!

2. Ironically, many makeup artists I know don’t wear much makeup — what items can always be found in your personal makeup bag?
As always Seanna, you are in the know! Like most professional make-up artists, I actually don’t wear much but I am a bit of a product junkie and love trying new stuff out! To stay current but also classic, I never leave the house without these:

  • my Gabriel organic mascara
  • my organic Sappho foundation and concealer (OBSESSED!)
  • my ZUII blush
  • my Vapour eyeliner and one Sappho Shadow (I use the dark brown every single day!)
  • my two or three Dalish or RMS lip colours.

Some kind of essential oil, usually peppermint. I usually end up smudging the eyeliner and blush on my lid for what I like to call ‘French model on her day off eyes’ (!) and then finish with my foundation and blush on my skin. My mascara pulls it all together so if I’m feeling bored with my look, I’ll play with a wild coloured mascara or a bold lip colour. I always do my eyes first and my skin last. This saves me clean-up time under the eyes and product!

3. What is the weirdest thing you have tried in the name of beauty?
Face massage with one of those pho soup spoons and jojoba oil! Let’s just say, I spend way too much time on youtube looking up beauty trends!

4. If you had to choose your #1 beauty trick, what would it be?
I love the suck on a finger to remove excess lipstick from on your teeth trick. Check it out in this video tutorial

Maya is the talent behind my makeup for all of my photos

Maya is the talent behind the makeup for all of my photos

5. What makeup items have been the most challenging to replace with natural ones (based on performance, durability etc.)
Well first of all, before I tell you all my eco-pro favourites, I want to empower you and your readers to download a FREE APP to make replacing their old toxic products with natural ones a whole lot easier! The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has worked hard to assemble ‘THE SKINDEEP DATABASE” app. It lets you hold your phone up to scan the barcode of any personal care item you are thinking of buying and rates the safety of it for you on a scale of 1-10. Yeah, I know, pretty amazing! Plus, it’s free! Read more about it and the work behind it here.

“Start small and make little changes at first, until you are ready or able to make bigger ones more often.”

As for my favourite products, we are so lucky to have many more choices now than when I started out as a make-up artist 15 years ago, Seanna and I am so grateful. Choice is a luxury and a paradigm shift in the way we think of luxury. Since ever increasing numbers of women are smartening up and demanding healthier and safer personal care products and cosmetics to put on their skin, which absorbs 90% of what you put on it by the way, companies are catching on, albeit slowly. The eco-friendly, non-greenwash or pink-washed product offerings out there are a tiny percentage of the massive global cosmetic market right now, but I am hopeful that this number will increase steadily and eventually make the toxic options obsolete. I started by just switching one thing I used every day- my foundation and constantly encourage women everywhere to do the same. Start small and make little changes at first, until you are ready or able to make bigger ones more often.

Some of my favourite eco-products (and I’m vigilant!) have met the safety standards of the Skindeep database (registering 0-1 hazards on a scale often) and I am hooked! My personal and professional all time favourite product replacement is Sappho Cosmetics’ foundation. I hate heavy, cakey,petroleum based and BHT laced foundations with synthetic fragrance and irradiated mineral pigments. I also really dislike mineral powder foundation but that’s just me!

It took me a LONG time to find a foundation that was eco but that also worked. After much research and trial and error, I found Sappho Cosmetics’ foundation. It was created by a fellow professional make-up artist who worked on the Twilight films and “The L-Word” so I had a hunch that the HD-3D claim was *for real*! The Sappho foundation is 100% pure minerals and essential oils in an aloe and jojoba base. It is magic on my skin and many clients rave about the zen-like fragrance, which is attributable to the essential oils that naturally preserve it! It is buildable coverage, from ultra sheer to ultra covering so it works on so many people in different ways. Read more about it here and if you’d like to order some locally in Toronto, you can also e-mail me via

Tips from a Pro: Ingrid Doucet, Co-Owner of Clementine Fields

Ingrid Doucet

This week I am so pleased to feature Ingrid Doucet, co-owner of online green beauty store, Clementine Fields. After being diagnosed with a chronic illness in 2007 and with the adoption of a baby girl a few years later, Ingrid and her husband Tom (Clementine Fields’ co-owner) became concerned with the skincare products they were using. They began researching and using natural alternatives. . . but not just any ol’ products, they sought skincare that combined efficacy with beauty. This was the inspiration for Clementine Fields –a store that offers clean and effective products that still look and feel good.

“We research to find the safest, most effective and most beautiful clean and green lines that are as much about what’s not in them as the goodess that is.” – Clementine Fields

1. Share a little bit about your morning and night time skin care routine. What keeps you glowing? My routine is generally pretty simple as my skin seems happier with less. I cleanse with raw honey or Pai’s Camellia and Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser. I then use La Bella Figura’s Modern Radiance Concentrate and Barbary Fig Seed Oil, or Pai’s Rosehip Oil. In the morning I splash water on my face and spritz CV Skinlabs Rescue and Relief Spray and then I use CV Skinlabs Calming Moisture. Pai’s Echium and Argan Gentle Eye Cream is a must for me as well. Obviously I am always using new products but these are what I am using and loving right now. I am a toner addict and I use them 2 or 3 times a day as I think they are essential for a glow. They give your skin moisture and help to fight inflammation. I am presently alternating between CV Skinlabs, La Bella Figura Jardin de Fleurs and Graydon’s Face Food Mist. Drinking lots of water and herbals teas is very important, as well as exercise and keeping stress to a minimum!

2. When you are in a rush, what is your go-to 5 min makeup routine? I apply Studio 78 Primer We Take Some Fresh Air over my moisturizer. . . I love this primer!! It gives skin a luminescent quality that is so fresh and pretty. I then use Kjaer Weis Foundation in Paper Thin under my eyes and on any redness. I’ll apply Kjaer Weis Desired Glow to my cheekbones as it gives my skin just that. . .  Ilia Mascara in Nightfall is next and I sweep Studio 78 Paris We Breathe Eye Shadow in 10am Sleep from lash to brow line. I have a plethora of lip colours that I use!! Right now I am really digging Ilia’s Jump and Studio 78 Rose Wedding.

3. What are a few of Clementine Fields’ top sellers that you love to use yourself? The Osmia Spot Treatment is great for those pesky spots, people buy three or four at a time, which I understand!! It’s good to have one on hand so you can use it as soon as you feel a pimple coming on. Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics Vitamin B Cleanser is a huge seller, it’s amazing for removing makeup and it’s so moisturizing and soothing. I love using it when I have a lot of eye makeup on. The Alexis Smart Flower Remedies have been blowing my mind, I can’t believe how much they help with anxiety and stress, Alexis is a goddess!

4. At the time in your life when your beauty routine was not always so ‘clean’, what was the hardest product to let go of (or transition from) when switching to an all natural beauty routine? Mascara was a hard one for me. I used Tarte for a long time, it was clean-ish but not as clean as I wanted it to be. I use Ilia now, it stays on and is easy to wash off. It’s really lengthening, which I love.

Now is your chance to get that hot new lip colour you’ve been coveting, or the latest green beauty products with 10% off of your next purchase at Clementine Fields promo code: elodiebeauty – offer ends June 20th!

What is your number one green beauty product fav? Comment below!