Healthy Skin Test #3: Smooth Skin

Healthy Skin Test #3: Smooth Skin

Smooth Skin Test

This is the 3rd and final part of my healthy skin series. In this test we’re looking at the texture of your skin. Is it smooth, or not? (If you missed the first two tests, go back and try those first to check your moisture level and oil balance).

The texture of your skin can say a lot about its current state of health. If your skin feels rough, it may be severely dehydrated. If it feels bumpy, it may be congested and the pores need to be cleared.

How to get smooth skin

Watch this video to take the 3rd healthy skin test and see what you can do to improve the texture of your skin. By combining all of the tips I’ve outlined over the course of this video series, you can significantly boost your skin’s texture and appearance . . . and ultimately its overall health. 

In this video I mention this link to learn more about lactic acid and alpha hydroxy acids.

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