Skin Care Tips for the Gym

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  Don’t forget about your skin while at the gym! Just because you work your bod super hard, doesn’t mean you should be doing the same to your skin! Make these few adjustments to your routine and toss a few key products in your gym bag to take with you the next time you hit the gym. Remove makeup before workout:  Sweat + grime + makeup is never a good combo. Fully remove your makeup before… 

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Toxic Tuesdays: Spotlight on BHA and BHT

Over the next little while, we will be posting “spotlights” on David Suzuki’s Dirty Dozen; 12 of the most prominent and harmful industrial chemicals found in commercial personal care products. In each post, examples will be provided of products that may contain these chemicals so that the next time you shop for that hot lipstick shade or ‘must- have’ anti-wrinkle cream you can be more aware of what you are buying. With that said, let’s… 

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Editor’s Picks: Must- Haves for Fall 2013

Hello lovelies! The time has arrived; summer is wrapping up and fall is almost here. I don’t know about you but as much as I love the warm summer air, cold drinks, and open patios, I can’t help but anticipate the vibrant colours of fall, cuddly sweaters, and a hot cup of apple cider on a cool sunny day. Fall, by far, is my favourite season, and I love the rich hues and heady scents… 

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Green tea. . . it’s not just for sipping

Hello natural beauties! I hope that you are sipping on a nice cup of green tea as you read this. After all, it is the theme of today’s post. You may know some of the benefits attributed to green tea–lowers cholesterol, protects against sun damage, heals inflammation. . . the list goes on and on. It is the high concentration of powerful antioxidants (called polyphenols) found in green tea leaves that are responsible for its… 

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Josie Maran GOGO Instant Natural Volume Mascara: For each GOGO mascara purchased, Josie Maran Cosmetics will donate one mascara to a City of Hope cancer patient/survivor.

The Search for the Perfect (Natural) Mascara

Finding the right mascara is a tough one. . . especially when going natural. I have tried many natural brands that work fairly well, but all seem to fall short in some area, whether it be volumizing, curling, or lengthening. Mascara is a personal preference, and everyone seeks a brand or a type depending on their needs. For those looking for a lengthening mascara, 100% Pure’s Ultra Lengthening Fruit Pigmented Mascara is a great option…. 

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