The Top Makeup Trends for Fall 2017

Fall Makeup Trends video with well.ca | elodiebeauty.com

  This Fall’s hottest Makeup colours with well.ca This fall, it’s all about burnt sienna, scarlet auburn, and rich burgundy. Every year vampy lips are popular (think: oxblood, wine, burgundy), but the 2017 fall makeup trends are shifting more to the orangey – brown shades. No need to buy 10 different shades of eyeshadow and lipstick though, monochromatic colouring is very popular and the same shade can be used for the eyes, cheeks, and lips…. 

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The Right Way to Remove Eye makeup | elodiebeauty.com

The Right way to remove your Eye Makeup

Protect your eyes from premature aging! We’ve all been there where the end of the day comes around and we just want our eye makeup OFF! Scrubbing and tugging at the delicate eye area can cause damage over time contributing to those pesky fine lines and wrinkles — not to mention losing precious eye lashes! I don’t want to presume anything . . . but you’re probably removing your eye makeup all wrong. I was… 

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3 Minute Morning Makeup Routine with well.ca

3 Minute Morning Makeup Routine

Look Awake and glowing in 3 minutes or less! The biggest challenge for new moms –including me– is to leave the house looking ‘somewhat’ put-together and awake! I recently shared my quick and easy 3 minute morning makeup routine with well.ca. This routine is a daily life saver to help even out my complexion, brighten dark circles, and add a little rosey dew to my skin! Routine: Step 1: Mix 1 pump of tinted sunscreen or moisturizer with… 

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How to give yourself a face massage

Daily Anti Aging Face Massage

YOGA FOR YOUR FACE!  Face massage has gotten a lot of hype lately –I talk about it all of the time too! It’s a simple step that you can add to your nightly routine that can really boost the health and appearance of your skin! Face Massage Benefits: Helps increase circulation (which brings nutrients and oxygen to the skin) Helps reduce puffiness Revives tired and dull skin Helps products penetrate better Helps to tone and relax… 

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Thinksport sunscreen

Product Review: Thinksport and Thinkbaby Sunscreen

Thinksport sunscreen has become a favourite in our household. This all natural, mineral based sunscreen company has made waves in the consumer market since 2010 when it was top rated by the Environmental Working Group. It’s also the 1st sunscreen to pass Whole Foods Premium Care requirements. Thinksport SPF 50 When my husband was training for his Ironman race last year, I suggested he try Thinksport as an alternative to the chemical options. He definitely put… 

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