Face serum vs. Face oil: What’s the Difference?

well.ca with Seanna Cohen Skin Care Therapist

Read the ingredients Confused about serums and oils? Which is which? These days, many brands call their products ‘serums’. Don’t get caught up on titles. Look at the ingredient list to figure out the difference between a serum vs. an oil. A serum contains water-soluble ingredients like aloe, fruit extracts, or hyaluronic acid. An oil or blend of oil contains ingredients like jojoba, rosehip, seabuckthorn, and argan. Always apply the lightest products first (like a… 

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How to Go Makeup Free Preview Image

Go Makeup-free with these skincare tips

Going makeup-free always seems to be a goal we all have, but rarely do. We always feel that we have something to cover up or conceal. You will never have flawless skin (because that doesn’t exist outside of photo filters!) but you can achieve healthy skin that will be radiant with, or without makeup. Try these tips to get your skin on the road to being healthy! Improve Texture Whether you’re wearing makeup or not,… 

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How smooth is your skin? Healthy Skin Test #3

Healthy Skin Test #3: Smooth Skin

Smooth Skin Test This is the 3rd and final part of my healthy skin series. In this test we’re looking at the texture of your skin. Is it smooth, or not? (If you missed the first two tests, go back and try those first to check your moisture level and oil balance). The texture of your skin can say a lot about its current state of health. If your skin feels rough, it may be severely dehydrated…. 

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Healthy Skin Test #2 Title Image

Healthy Skin Test #2: Oil Balance

This is the second part of my healthy skin video series where I show you three simple tests that you can take to determine your skin’s health. If you missed the first video, check it out! Oil Balance Have you ever complained about having oily skin? How about an oily T-zone while your cheeks are dry and flaky? Maybe you just have an oily forehead and chin? Here’s the deal: we need oil on our… 

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Healthy Skin Test

Healthy Skin Test #1: Moisture Check

Take the Healthy Skin Test  There’s no such thing as “flawless skin” outside of photoshop and Instagram filters. It’s an impossible goal we create for ourselves which has us constantly grabbing for the newest cream or cosmetic procedure. Instead of striving for flawless skin, you should strive for “healthy skin”. What is healthy skin? Just like the body, when skin is healthy it’s properly nourished and hydrated. It actually glows because blood is circulating properly,… 

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