5 tips to keep Your Pedicure Looking Fresh!

Keep Pedicure Looking Fresh | elodiebeauty.com

How do you keep that EXPENSIVE pedicure looking fresh and shiny? The minute I step out of the nail salon and walk onto the dusty streets of Toronto, it seems that my nails immediately lose their¬†pretty shininess. ūüôĀ

Every time I shell out the cash to get a pedicure (at my fav spot Her Majesty’s Pleasure, of course!) I do a few things which keep my toes looking fresh (for a few weeks at least!).

Do this to help your Pedicure last: 

  1. Avoid getting your toes wet for at least a few hours after a pedicure. Nail polish actually needs 8-12 hours to fully harden. If nails get wet during that time, the polish is more likely to lift off of the nail, increasing the chances of peeling and chipping.
  2. Oil up – Cuticles can dry out quickly. To keep them looking healthy and neat, rub a few drops of oil (of any kind) to your toes after the shower or before you go to bed.
  3. Keep a foot file or pumice stone in your shower РEvery few days, give your feet a quick scrub with the file to keep soles smooth and soft!
  4. Bring your nail polish to the salon РThis way,  you can easily fix any chips later down the road.
  5. Reapply a top coat¬†– You can revive nails that are starting to look dull by re-applying a top coat. You’ll get instantly shiny nails again!

How do you keep your nails looking fresh? 

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