Joyous 10 Day Detox and Giveaway (closed)

10DD_Essentials_ShopImage Every so often I love to host a Joyous Health giveaway because the work that Holistic Nutritionist Joy McCarthy does on a daily basis — to inspire healthy eating and new ways of living — is quite frankly amazing! Also, here on Elodie Beauty I love to inspire my readers to make lifestyle changes that impact their bodies holistically, meaning inside and out!

Joyous Health Detox
Many have experienced the amazing benefits of detoxification for skin care while doing the Joyous 10 Day Detox. Clearer and brighter skin are just some of the amazing results we hear about from our detox community.”Β  – Joy

The Joyous 10 Day Detox has arrived for its annual appearance and I can say from completing this detox a few years ago that it really is a fantastic way to jump start healthy habits. It’s also really fun! (I know what you’re thinking . . . ) Somehow *magically* Joy has a way of inspiring everyone to breeze through it — delicious recipes and Tori’s Bakeshop “Joyous Detox Approved” treats might have something to do with it!

This year I was super excited to see that the detox has expanded to include so much more than a meal plan. In order to meet everyone’s needs, Joy has created three different plans: The Basic, The Essentials, and The Reboot.Β  Depending on which plan you choose you will get yoga and mediation videos, access to a private Facebook support group, and every plan comes with video seminars about Detox 101, a healthy gut, and how to beat stress. Let’s face it if you don’t have a framework for health habits, no meal plan is going to help you do what it’s suppose to do.

I’m going to be doing the detox right along with all of the Joyous Health readers, including the lucky person who is going to win the 10 Day Joyous Detox right here on Elodie Beauty!

This giveaway is actually more than just the detox program. You will get The Essentials detox plan (which includes 4 meal plans to choose from, 3 online seminars, 3 yoga online videos, and online support), the Joyous Health book, a newly reformulated Joyous Health lip balm (Lip Treat Mint), and the new Joyous Health deodorant sticks (in Lovely Lavender and Citrus Bliss). Woot! That’s a lot of goodies!!

The contest is now closed, thanks to all who entered and for those who shared their green beauty struggles and successes! Congrats to Sarah for winning!

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  1. Hayley says

    This looks awesome! My biggest struggle with green beauty is with deodorant. The natural ones that work tend to be unaffordable!

  2. Aimee Hartzog says

    My biggest struggle with greening my beauty routine has been availability of products. When I first started to become conscious of the ingredients in my products, I lived in Halifax, NS, where it was relatively easy to find great, green alternatives. After I made the move to NW Florida last year, I found it quite difficult to find such products in this area. This has inspired me to make some of my own concoctions (with the help of beauty gurus such as yourself, Joy, and other holistic bloggers).

  3. Linds says

    I would say the thing keeping me from being totally makeup green is cost and also just not knowing what color to buy! How do you know the shade you’re look at is the right shade?! If I could gain confidence in that then I’d have less of a problem spending the money!

  4. Karen F says

    Hi Seanna! I would love to win! I would say my biggest struggle with green beauty has been finding the right products for my acne-prone skin and not enough availability in smaller cities. I have spent a lot of money on shipping and customs fees on products from the U.S.A. because of not being able to find them in Canada. Thankfully this is slowly changing and availability is growing.

  5. Sally Farro says

    My biggest success in greening my beauty products is following inspirational and knowledgeable people like Joy McCarthy, Marni Wasserman, and Elodie πŸ™‚

    The advice that I receive from blogs, podcasts, and instagram have made it so much easier to navigate through all the beauty products out there.

  6. Tarah says

    I think my biggest failure in greening my beauty routine has to do with shampoo and soap. I cannot find green, chemical free shampoo and soap that feel like they work. I have started washing my hair less frequently in order to compensate! Thankfully, I’ve managed to green every other part of my beauty routine from makeup to face wash!

  7. says

    My biggest success has been incorporating DIY recipes into my beauty routine. When I first went green I just bought green products. Then I got a little braver and started doing DIY. Now I’m moving towards mostly DIY with only some products that would take too much time, supplies or skill to make. For example, concealer is a hard product to make DIY in my opinion because I haven’t yet found a recipe that gives me the quality I want.

  8. Diana says

    My biggest struggle has been to find a natural deodorant that works- let’s face it – no one wants to smell πŸ™‚

    • says

      Agreed! I’m all for using deodorant creams, I find they work so much better than the sticks! (I keep the sticks handy for emergency application, to throw in a bag or desk drawer).

  9. Dol Reeve says

    The biggest struggle when trying to go green beauty is not having the products in my area. Sometimes having to drive an hour or more doesn’t fit into a busy life.

  10. Tracey says

    I am so happy that there are more and more options for green and natural skin care products. It is great to find some Made in Canada options as well.

  11. Julie Marineau says

    I have two struggles… Resisting temptation from mainstream non-green new and exciting products and finding a good green shampoo that doesn’t cost a fortune. Any suggestions for the latter?

    • says

      Lately I have been recommending Andalou’s Shampoo and Conditioner (see post on “Budget Friendly Beauty). I was actually quite surprised to find it foams quite well and leaves my hair feeling soft and voluminous. There are a few tricks to making any green shampoo manageable and I have listed them in a post called “Natural Shampoo 101” – these tricks have made my “shampooing experience” sooo much easier!

  12. Natalie says

    I have sensitive skin and have experienced bad acne over the last two years. Struggling to work out food sesitivities to help my skin and need a natural cleanser and moisterizer that wont hinder the process. Tea tree oil and coconut oil both seem to aggravate my acne, i am still searching but the bouts of horrible facial acne get me so depressed I dont want to leave the house some days πŸ™

    • says

      Hi Natalie, I know where you are coming from! Acne is probably one of the most frustrating skin condition. Taking a simplified and gentle approach is always the best way for sure. Have you tried cleansing with Hemp oil? You could follow it up with a second cleanse using a gentle soap-free cleanser like One Love Organics “Easy Does It” Foaming Cleanser, or Consonant’s Foaming Face Wash, or stick solely with doubling cleansing with the oil. Many people with acne prone skin have had success using hemp oil which is generally less comedogenic than coconut oil. I hope you find a solution that works for you! Email me if you would like to book a consult and coaching session. xx Seanna

  13. Farzana says

    I have gone green with my skin and body care. Face oils have re-rejuvenated my skin. Before I used so much makeup, now I mostly go makeup free. As well, I love using coconut oil as a deep conditioning treatment for my hair. My biggest struggle is finding a natural alternative for colouring my hair…any suggestions?

  14. Sarah says

    My biggest struggle has been switching to all green makeup since they less toxic products are also more expensive. I just opt for no make-up and a bit of natural mascara most days.

  15. Lauren Ladner says

    I suffer from dry scalp and have been searching for what seems like forever for a natural shampoo and conditioner that moisturizes my scalp and does wonders for my hair (it’s hard to find a product that does both!). I use natural beauty products on my skin and hair (including lots of coconut oil) and it’s been hard for me to strike that perfect balance. Pure coconut oil does moisturize my scalp, but makes my hair super greasy. Whereas natural shampoos make my hair gorgeous but my scalp dry. Switching to natural products takes a lot of patience and trial and error, so that’s definitely been a big challenge for me. However, it’s totally worth it because i’m happy about not slathering myself with chemicals. I’ll get the perfect mix one day!

    • says

      So true, it really does take a ton of trial and error! For a scalp treatment try a cucumber/sour cream mix (I know might sound weird). The Lactic acid in the sour cream will help exfoliate your scalp and the fat will add moisturize, while the cucumber will soothe any discomfort and help rebalance water content on your scalp. 1/2 c. peeled cucumber, 1/2 c. full fat sour cream (mix in a blender, massage into scalp, and let sit for 30 minutes. Rinse with cool water. (From: The Recipe for Radiance) Hope this helps! (or you at least like tzatziki!)

  16. Laura burrell says

    biggest challenge after I gave birth to my son , I started reacting to skin care products clean and not so clean products. Being a professional wedding photographer I found it hard to be shooting a wedding with swollen eyes and excema all over my hands . I am big into holistic nutrition and skin care so refused to try any pahamsutical products. I am on a good routine and path currently and hope to continue.

  17. says

    Hello! The hardest part about finding my green beauty routine was the trial and error of so many products. But, in the end it was worth it, and now I’m so happy that I have a more simplified and green set of beauty products πŸ™‚

  18. Carrie says

    I am really working on greening my beauty routine, but have been unable to find a shampoo that does not leave my hair dull & flat. I have fine hair so would love to find a shampoo/conditioner to add some body to my hair.

  19. Anita says

    I am a huge fan of Joy and have learned a lot about healthy living from her, over the last couple of years! I have switched over to the “green side” for my skin care and household cleaning products. I love using coconut oil as an all over skin moisturizer. Gotta love an ingredient list of one! Lol

  20. Melanie Aichele says

    The biggest limitation I’ve encountered in greening my world is that some products touted as being green…or organic…or even natural…are actually NONE of those things. To overcome this limitation, I have found that arming oneself with knowledge, awareness, and personal trial ‘n error has been the most helpful ways to find green products that work for me and meet my needs

  21. Virginia says

    Hi Seanna,

    Just realized one of my “green” body creams has soybean butter as the second ingredient. How do you feel about that? I was always under the impression that I should try to stay away from this… It is not an organic product but I do feel like it is reliably made with quality products.

    Also, would love some Joyous deodorant. I still have not found one that lasts all day and at the gym.

    • says

      Hi Virginia, obviously I am not an expert on the subject of soy, but from a skincare perspective, soy as a skincare ingredient has been shown to help stimulate collagen and contains vitamin E and fatty acids. That said, controversy with soy is mostly around the isoflavones – phytoestrogen chemicals – found in soy protein, as well as the prevalence of soy crops being genetically modified. It’s believed that genetically modified soy may be the cause of the increased number of soy allergies and since everything we put on our bodies absorbs into our bodies, if you are allergic, obviously stay away from it. Getting back to the isoflavones, generally speaking, most soy used in skincare products is in the form of oil which contain no isoflavones, however soy butter would. Since the jury is still out on all of the above, my generally conclusion of whether your body cream is actually ‘green’ would be based on an environmental perspective. Unless you can guarantee that the soy used was grown sustainably (studies show only 3% of soy crops are) than in my opinion it’s not as ‘green’ as it may appear.

  22. Deanna says

    my biggest struggle has been finding toxic-free makeup and sunscreen. My skin is very sensitive and it’s hard to find a makeup and sunscreen that works, doesn’t cause break outs and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I have made a lot of switches, but makeup and sunscreen have been the hardest. I also have to do multiple detoxs a year for my body so this would be amazing!

    • says

      I love Consonant Skincare’s sunscreen! It is a bit pricey, but since it contains a bit of mica (to offset the usual white ‘hue’) I often use it much like a tinted moisturizer and don’t bother with foundation. I have found that a lot of powdered mineral makeup causes congestion for my skin, which tends to be on the dryer side and prone to breakouts, and so you may want to avoid those. Also watch out for coconut oil which is in a lot of makeup and can also cause congestion for some. I am currently using a Canadian brand, Saphho Organics.

  23. Jennifer says

    I am new to green beauty / living. I decided to try to get to the source of many health issues I was having. My question for you is: what do you suggest for clear skin/fighting breakouts in a green and natural way?! Thank you!! Xx

    • says

      Oils are your friends! Often the biggest mistake with acne prone/congested skin is treating it too harshly. A double cleanse is great to ensure pores are being cleansed properly. Cleaning with a non-comedogenic oil like jojoba or hemp followed up by a second cleanse with a SLS free foaming cleanser like One Love Organics, or Consonant Skincare can help to keep pores clear. You can also moisturize with jojoba or seabuckthorn (if you have pigmentation and scarring). I also like lactic acid as an exfoliate 2-3x/ week to keep pores clear (I like Pure + Simple’s). Everyone is so different though so there is no one size fits all approach. Personal coaching sessions are the best way to figure out what is best for your skin πŸ™‚

    • says

      Simplify your routine, use single-sources ingredients where you can, become best friends with your name-brand discount store (like Winners, Marhsalls etc.) which often sell discounted natural products, and start making your own!

  24. Laura says

    Hello, it has not been long that I have made this change in my life, yet I am very happy that I have made this choice. How does a cleaner makeup benefit our skin and our body.

    • says

      There is the obvious answer which would be to reduce the amount of toxic substances absorbing into our bodies, however there is still much controversy about which products are actually harmful and whether small amounts of substances (contained in personal care products) that are accumulated in the body over time have the same effect as large doses applied all at once (which is generally how study results are concluded). And so, regardless of your views on that part of the story, there is a second reason which is green products are better for skin and hair health. I like to use a food analogy: clean or green makeup, skincare products etc. are like whole foods, and the synthetic counter parts are like empty calories. They may not immediately harm you, but they are also not providing any nourishment to your skin or body. For example a pure plant-based oil in a foundation will help prevent moisture-loss and improve the condition of your skin, rather than just cover your face, or a mascara that contains natural butters will aid in lash growth and fullness, rather than just coat your lashes and potentially dry them out. Does that makes sense?

  25. Irene says

    I cannnot find a mascara that is fairly inexpensive that works well. I have tried only a couple brands, but it can be an expensive little experiment! Otherwise I feel like the natural beauty world is a thriving and gowing industry and it’s fairly easy to find good stuff!

  26. Jialynne Zhao says

    Over the years I have been using green beauty products on and off. I have recently started to seriously consider going green, especially after listening to Joy talk about “what goes on your body gets in your body” etc. I find that the hardest thing in this transition is the question of “what do I do with all these expensive non-green products that I already invested in before I decided to go green?” So I try to slowly make the process happen by using up the non-green products and replace it with a green product once it runs out, and again and again with the next product.
    I am quite glad that nowadays, green beauty products are in abundance, as opposed to say a decade ago. And I’m really grateful for sites like yours and skin deep database and many more, that enable us to learn about beauty products in a way that never existed before. It makes choosing products so much easier!

  27. Jessica Champion says

    Wow what a generous giveaway! My biggest struggle was finding a deoderant that works. I have found two that are pretty good but still not one that is 100% protection during workout sessions and such. Have a great day!

  28. Laura says

    My biggest struggle has been finding a natural deodorant and facial cleanser that actually work. One of my favourite green beauty routines is dry skin brushing which was introduced to me by Joy herself. It is the best, especially during these cold winter months!

  29. Miriam says

    I have gone green with my beauty care regime but struggle to find an affordable cover-up that isn’t full of crappy ingredients.

  30. Elizabeth says

    My biggest struggle is finding the motivation and self worth to switch over to a holistic lifestyle. I know it’s a kinder, gentler way to live. I need to be better to my body…. inside and out. I really need a good kick in the pants πŸ™

  31. Melissa Z says

    Hi! I love your blog and absolutely love joy and all her wonderful recipes and advice!!:) i would say the biggest challenge for me is having such sensitive skin not knowing what products will react well and trying not to be afraid to give them a shot! When you have dry and sensitive skin you usually stick with what you know! I would LOVE to adopt a healthy skin care routine that helps my skin and is natural to go along with how ive changed my diet to incorporate whole plant based foods!!:)
    Fingers crossed for the win! πŸ™‚ thanks!!!


  32. Megan says

    My biggest challenge has been a lack of knowledge but there are so many great resources- I am learning more and more !

  33. Meagan says

    In the last year I have been trying to greenify my life in general but my biggest struggle has been with my leaky gut. It’s been a long journey of trial and error and battling with unpleasant side effects such as acne, bloating, ruddy skin tone and psoriasis/KP as a result. I’m still trying to heal my gut so this detox would be the PERFECT way to kick my body into a healthier state once and for all.

  34. Jennifer says

    My biggest challenge has been ensuring that the products that claim to be green actually are! There really are a lot of the “green washed” products out there, but definitely following great bloggers, getting more educated about ingredients, and using certain apps that rate the ingredients in products has helped!

  35. Sabrina says

    it’s definitely been quite the challenge to find a natural and ‘green’ deodorant that works! have tried a few and haven’t had any luck yet. am keen to try Joy’s as I see she has tested it on stinky people πŸ˜‰

  36. Cortnie says

    Hi there
    I so far have loved greening my beauty routine. I fortunately don’t wear makeup very often if at all and I have found a deep love for essential oils for my skin. The only problem I have run in to is deoderant. I have tried every kind out there but nothing seems to work for me.


  37. Stephanie says

    I have actually just started to greenify my beauty routine one step at a time! I’ve found it difficult to decide which product to buy – there’s so many to chose from! I’ve started off with hair products and soap. Had some road blocks trying to find the right ones and keeping cost down but overall I’m very happy and clean! I’m pumped to expand my greening :).

  38. kim maurice says

    My biggest struggle with going green is my spouse. If it doesnt come premade and bought from the store, then it’s natural “hippy crap” that doesn’t work.

  39. Janette says

    My biggest failure was trying to change all my makeup products to green ones overnight. It was a major bust. I couldn’t tell which ones were good, which ones were so-so, and I didn’t take the time to research different brands and bought them all from one place. My biggest success is reading beauty blogs like this one for recommendations and reviews. Now I buy green products one at a time to test them out and really see how each one works.

  40. says

    My biggest struggle with any beauty routine, green or not, is how much my skin changes in each season. It seems like once I finally get things right, the season changes and it’s back to figuring out how to balance it.

    My success is in using basic mineral makeup with only 4 ingredients. The foundation evens my skin without hiding the fact that I have freckles and it offers spf protection.

  41. says

    For the longest time I struggled with skin issues from sensitive skin to acne. Before I switched to more natural cleansers and make up I would break out constantly and have irritated skin. Luckily I’ve found products that do work with my skin well and in conjunction with a cleaner diet, my skin has really turned around! One of my main concerns currently is the extreme dryness associated with the winter season. I find I haven’t found a natural hand cream that can really help repair dry hands on the go, as coconut oil hasn’t worked and I find myself defaulting to non-clean sources to get relief.

  42. says

    My biggest challenge in greening my beauty routine is shampoo! I have frizzy hair and have tried so many products that just don’t work – too drying or too greasy:(

  43. Bertha says

    My biggest struggle is maintaining a healthy routine. Especially at night, I crave something sweet. I love the fact of eating healthy but sometimes its hard when I’m in a low budget. I have two wonderful boys 7yr & 6 yr. I like to encourage them to eat healthy. I also want them to enJoy eating healthy. I look forward to a healthy route. Thank You for sharing the treasure of living healthy.

  44. Jessica L. says

    My biggest struggle has definitely been skincare. I haven’t yet found the right regime for my skin that is within a moderate budget. I’ve had success with my deodorant, but it does cause some irritation, so I would love to try the Joyous Health ones!

  45. Katelyn says

    I think the hardest part about greening ny beauty routine was deciding where to start and figuring out what works for me and what doesn’t.

  46. Shai says

    I’ve slowly replacing most of my products with more natural and green ingredients. Currently my biggest hurdle is a live in conditioner and deodorant. Also, my skin has been breaking out a lot of late and would love to try a detox of some sort….pick me, pick me for the goodies!

  47. Celeste says

    I will agree with some of the above comments that the hardest part of my green beauty routine has been finding a natural deodorant that works. I am struggling to find one that keeps me fresh all day. Any suggestions?

  48. Kasey says

    The place I struggle with most in my green beauty routine is definitely the deoderant/antiperspirant area. I’ve used both store bought and homemade versions that work well on a day-to-day basis but I’ve been hitting the gym 6 days a week and they weren’t doing it for me! Unfortunately I went back to using a conventional brand for before my workouts. I hate using the icky stuff but I just haven’t found a natural deoderant that can handle my work outs. I’d LOVE to try Joy’s deoderant and see how it compares (hopefully well enough to ditch the chemicals!)

  49. christine bachinsky says

    I think my biggest success has been recently realizing I need to eat better in order for my skin and hair to improve. I am just starting to make those changes in my lifestyle, so I hope to see changes in my health too!

  50. Michelle says

    I have began using essential oils over conventional brand perfumes and have noticed a lot less headaches and awful feelings in my body! This is my first in many switches to green beauty living! πŸ™‚

  51. Lauren Riccardi says

    Hi! My biggest challenge with going green is knowing where to start! There are so may green products out there, it’s hard to know where to start. Can you recommend a good place to start going green with my beauty products?

  52. Charlene A. says

    Where is the best place to shop for green beauty products? Online or natural products shop?
    Thanks for answering Lauren’s question above – very helpful!

    • says

      Hi Charlene,
      Depends on you location and preference. A few years ago many products I wanted were only available online (in Canada at least), but now Toronto stores (like Husk, The Detox Market, even the Big Carrot) carry many awesome brands. But for those who don’t have access to these specialty stores, health food stores can be limited in term of products (and quality). If you are in Canada for online stores check out Eco Beauty Diva, Clementine Fields, Fresh Faced, Louche Lily, or Health Hut). Spirit Beauty Lounge is a great U.S. online store.

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