5 tips to keep Your Pedicure Looking Fresh!

Keep Pedicure Looking Fresh | elodiebeauty.com

How do you keep that EXPENSIVE pedicure looking fresh and shiny? The minute I step out of the nail salon and walk onto the dusty streets of Toronto, it seems that my nails immediately lose their¬†pretty shininess. ūüôĀ

Every time I shell out the cash to get a pedicure (at my fav spot Her Majesty’s Pleasure, of course!) I do a few things which keep my toes looking fresh (for a few weeks at least!).

Do this to help your Pedicure last: 

  1. Avoid getting your toes wet for at least a few hours after a pedicure. Nail polish actually needs 8-12 hours to fully harden. If nails get wet during that time, the polish is more likely to lift off of the nail, increasing the chances of peeling and chipping.
  2. Oil up – Cuticles can dry out quickly. To keep them looking healthy and neat, rub a few drops of oil (of any kind) to your toes after the shower or before you go to bed.
  3. Keep a foot file or pumice stone in your shower РEvery few days, give your feet a quick scrub with the file to keep soles smooth and soft!
  4. Bring your nail polish to the salon РThis way,  you can easily fix any chips later down the road.
  5. Reapply a top coat¬†– You can revive nails that are starting to look dull by re-applying a top coat. You’ll get instantly shiny nails again!

How do you keep your nails looking fresh? 

The Right way to remove your Eye Makeup

The Right Way to Remove Eye Makeup | elodiebeauty.com

Protect your eyes from premature aging!

We’ve all been there where the end of the day comes around and we just want our eye makeup OFF!

Scrubbing and tugging at the delicate eye area can cause damage over time contributing to those pesky fine lines and wrinkles — not to mention losing precious eye lashes!

I don’t want to presume anything . . . but you’re probably removing your eye makeup all wrong. I was the same way until I got into this whole skincare biz.

The RIGHT way to remove eye makeup

Before you cleanse your face:

  1.  Saturate a cotton pad in eye makeup remover or oil. If your product is creamy or an oil, soak the cotton and in water first.
  2. Place the cotton pad on your eye(s) and let sit for 20-30 seconds (or longer if you have the patience and/or are wearing waterproof mascara!). This should help dissolve a lot of your mascara, eyeliner, etc.
  3. Swipe the cotton pad down the eyelid first to remove the majority of makeup, then do a few circles counter-clockwise, or eye in the direction of your eyebrow.
  4. Dip a new cotton pad in water and repeat step 3.
  5. Dip a cotton swab in water and go around the eye to remove any excess product .

Watch the video to see the full routine! 

Was this video helpful? What makeup removal tips do you have? 

3 Minute Morning Makeup Routine

3 Minute Morning Makeup Routine with well.ca

Look Awake and glowing in 3 minutes or less!

The biggest challenge for new moms –including me– is to leave the house looking ‘somewhat’ put-together and awake! I recently shared my quick and easy 3 minute morning makeup routine with well.ca. This routine is a¬†daily life saver to¬†help even out my complexion,¬†brighten dark circles, and add a little rosey dew to my skin!


Step 1: Mix 1 pump of tinted sunscreen or moisturizer with 1 pump of foundation. I find this combo adds just enough extra coverage. Try: Consonant The Perfect Sunscreen + Elate Foundation (or my other favourite is Sappho Essential Foundation.)

Step 2: Dab a brightening concealer in the corners and half way under each eye. Gently pat the concealer until blended. Avoid applying a full circle of concealer under the eye–or you’ll look like a racoon! You can also dab a bit of concealer on the brow bone to lift the eye. Try: Pacifica Dreamlit Under Eye Brightener or Fitglow Eyebright.¬†¬†

Step 3: Use a ‘multi-stick’ to add colour to cheeks and lips. Swipe or dab the multi-stick onto the cheek bones, blending upwards. Follow-up with a swipe to the lips. You can even apply a small dab of colour to the upper centre of the lid to open and brighten the eye. Try: W3ll People Nudist Multi-Use Cream Stick¬†

Step 4:  (Optional) Add a coat or two of mascara to the top eye lids to make your eyes really pop, or apply a coat of bright lipstick (my personal fav!).

Watch the video!

I share the whole routine with Erin, CMO of well.ca and mother of 3!

What’s your go-to morning makeup routine? Comment below!


Daily Anti Aging Face Massage

How to give yourself a face massage


Face massage has gotten a lot of hype lately –I talk about it all of the time too! It’s a simple step that you can add to your nightly routine that can really boost the health and appearance of your skin!

Face Massage Benefits:

  • Helps increase circulation (which brings nutrients and oxygen to the skin)
  • Helps reduce puffiness
  • Revives tired and dull skin
  • Helps products penetrate better
  • Helps to tone and¬†relax facial lines (where you hold tension)

Oils to use: 

For face massage, I recommend using an oil to prevent pulling or tugging on the face. Apply your toner, serum, and moisturizer first, and then finish off your nightly routine by apply a rich facial oil with the massage.

Face oils can do a world of wonder for the skin. Pure plant-based oils are often rich in omega fatty acids and vitamins. They’re really like a multi-vitamin for the face! They can help to regulate oil production (if you have too much) and help re-enforce your skin‚Äôs natural protective barrier (if you produce too little). They¬†can also help to treat specific skin conditions like heal scarring and lighten pigmentation.

Some of my favourite oils:

  • Rosehip oil:¬†¬†Great for dry, aging, and sensitive skin; it can help even out¬†skin tone, and fade hyper-pigmentation.
  • Seabuckthorn oil: Similar to rosehip oil, but a better option for those who tend to be more acne-prone.
  • Argan oil: Great for anti-aging, but tolerated well if you have oily skin or are prone to breakouts.
  • Black cumin seed oil: Anti-inflammatory, great to use as a spot treatment for breakouts.

Give yourself a face massage, watch how!

There are many complicated routines out there, but it doesn’t have to be. You’ll less likely do it if there are a too many steps and fancy techniques involved! Try this simple routine instead!