Are all natural face care lines the same?

Natural Skin Care Products

Alright friends, let me level with you. When it comes down to it, many natural face care lines are not that different from the next.

Recently I was reading one of my favourite online blogs, No More Dirty Looks, which echoed this very thought, it said: “[natural face care lines] can feel a bit samesame after a while. A non-foaming cleanser, an amazing oil, and maybe a lovely hydrosal toner or spray…”

I don’t mean to take anything away from these fantastic lines, but (with a few exceptions) once you get to a certain quality of face care product (in other words: those that are made with pure, high quality ingredients, free of alcohol, perfumes, mineral oil, synthetic preservatives and all of the rest) they start to resemble each other. Don’t get me wrong, this is a good thing, it means they follow the same fundamentals of good natural skin care: cleanse gently, hydrate, replenish, and protect. It also means though that when I am asked, “what is the best natural face care line available”, the answer is not so simple.

I recommend products based on subtle differences. . .

Therefore, considering what I just said, obviously there ARE subtle differences, and so (aside from consideration of skin type and condition) I consider the following when recommending face care products:

1. Price point: I wish there was such a thing as a money tree, sadly there is not. I recognize that not everyone can afford expensive skincare, or even if they can, they don’t want to! Generally speaking, natural and organic products are more expensive than their synthetic counterparts, but fortunately there are options for every price point.

2. Look, appeal, and aroma: Some say you can’t judge a book by its cover, I would disagree. . . but that’s just me, you see! I like products that are pretty and luxurious – not everyone does, or cares. I have to consider an individual’s general aesthetic. Some like no-nonsense, others like glamorous-chic  and to smell like a rose garden.

3. Lifestyle: As much as I would like to recommend “the ideal” to everyone (double cleanse, exfoliate, tone, and apply a serum, moisturizer, and oil) it’s just not for everyone. If your skincare routine is comprised of soap and water, it’s pretty unlikely that you will try a twenty step process . . . but you may try some multi-purpose products.

4. Availability: I feel fortunate that I live in a large metropolitan area where many natural brands are available, but I recognize that not every city and town are the same. Naturally then, it is important to consider geographic location. At the end of the day if someone really needs that cleanser or moisturizer in a pinch, let’s not fool ourselves, instead of shipping the natural one from across the country, they’re more likely to just pick up the nearest thing at the local drug store.

Having a good skincare routine does not mean you have to be a glamour-queen. Likewise, “going natural” does not mean you have to be a tree loving hippie. It also doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. . . it certainly can if that’s what you want, or where you like to spend you money, but believe me, it’s not required! There really is something for everyone!

Questions? Need a product recommendation? Leave a comment below! Looking for a skincare and beauty routine tailored to your needs? Let me coach you, check out available services.


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    I think it s a good point that you point out that there are only subtle differences between the most of the beauty care products on the market. Price is sometimes a factor that can be a problem but quality is important. The multi-purpose products do make the daily routine easier. Nice post! Cheers for the new year!!

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