Welcome! My name is Seanna Cohen and I’m a certified skin care therapist, and the founder of Elodie Beauty, a space to celebrate authentic beauty that radiates both inside and out.

I’ve experienced it all: skin sensitivities, acne, allergies, product confusion, information overload, and general frustration. As I delved into the world of beauty, I quickly discovered that my anxieties around cosmetic products and beauty regimen were not uncommon. Enter Elodie. I have created this site as a resource for you, a one-stop, thoroughly-researched reference to save you the trouble of finding and testing beauty solutions that work – and that are good for you. Here you can read about my own personal experiences, discover DIY recipes, and access researched information about the latest and best beauty products. Learn how to beautify effectively and simply, without compromising your health or the environment. Share your own discoveries and be part of a community of support and guidance as you seek simple solutions for your unique beauty and skincare needs.

Come on and join me and be inspired to live a clean, green, beautiful life!

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