10 Day Skincare Challenge

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The Elodie Beauty 10 Day Skincare Challenge, in partnership with Windsor’s ShopEco, is an online program designed to reboot your skincare routine and guide you on a path to healthy, radiant skin!


As a skin care therapist I often hear my clients say that, “they WANT to do ‘this and that’ for their skin”, “they know they SHOULD do such and such”, or “they wish SOMEONE could just tell them exactly what products to use and when”.

Well, I’m happy to announce that the 10 Day Skincare Challenge will address all of these wants and desires, and more!

The 10 Day Skincare Challenge will give you a road map to follow so that when it comes to your skin you know what to do, when to do it, and with what.

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Program Includes:

  • Daily challenges sent via email, with instructions, homework, and videos
  • 1:1 Skype consult with Seanna Cohen to discuss your specific skincare concerns and develop a personalized plan
  • Skincare Starter Kit ($75 value) from ShopEco which includes: Wildcraft Face & Body Scrub, Merben Body Brush, and Amal Organic Argan Oil/ or Skin Essence Organics Rosehip Oil 
  • 10% off ShopEco beauty products until May 31, 2017
  • Private Facebook group to discuss questions and offer support to the challenge participants

10 Day Challenge Skincare Starter Kit

Program Highlights:

  • learn all about “skin saboteurs” – those products, habits, lifestyle that affect the quality of your skin and prevent you from having a healthy, glowing complexion!
  • introduce new skincare habits that will have lasting effects
  • identify and understand the underlying causes of your skin concerns
  • discover natural skincare products that are suited to your unique needs



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