How to Apply concealer the right way

The right way to apply concealer | elodiebeauty.com

Concealer can leave you looking flaky  As we age, our skin becomes more and more dry. This is mainly because of hormonal changes and a decrease in oil production. Since the skin under the eyes is naturally thinner, it’s the first area of the face to be get dry and wrinkly (*sigh*). To make things worse, when we apply concealer the dry flaky skin and fine lines can become even more obvious. How to cover… 

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Fall Makeup Trends video with well.ca | elodiebeauty.com

The Top Makeup Trends for Fall 2017

  This Fall’s hottest Makeup colours with well.ca This fall, it’s all about burnt sienna, scarlet auburn, and rich burgundy. Every year vampy lips are popular (think: oxblood, wine, burgundy), but the 2017 fall makeup trends are shifting more to the orangey – brown shades. No need to buy 10 different shades of eyeshadow and lipstick though, monochromatic colouring is very popular and the same shade can be used for the eyes, cheeks, and lips…. 

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Helena Lane Skincare | elodiebeauty.com

Helena Lane Skincare

My skin has never looked better. Seriously. There are a number of factors at play: 1. I’m still breastfeeding. (For once in my life hormones are acting in my skin’s favour!) 2. I cut out all dairy (with exception to a few tastes here and there) because of my son’s eczema. I agree, these are two MAJOR factors. BUT I’m also sleep deprived, stressed with moving and renovating my condo, and not eating as well… 

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Lovacado Avocado Oil | elodiebeauty.com

Lovacado: Avocado Oil for Hair and Skin

Avocado oil is the new “Moroccan Oil” Put your argan oil away and use avocado oil instead! I’m deeming it as the new “Moroccan Oil”. I recently had the chance to sit down with Lovacado founder, Claudia Murillo whose family has been using avocado as a beauty ingredient for generations. It was this family tradition and Claudia’s first hand experience that inspired Lovacado, a Canadian-based beauty company that specializes in avocado oil. After our chat,… 

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Basd Body Lotion and Wash close up

Basd – Organic, Plant-based bodycare

  Allow me to boost your shower experience with new Canadian body care line, Basd.  Ever since it launched a few months ago I’ve had my eye on their deliciously sounding body washes, lotions, and scrubs. (Thank you to the company for allowing me to indulge!!) Basd makes their products in two different scents: Indulgent Creme Brûlée and Invigorating Mint. *OBVIOUSLY* because of my sweet tooth, I opted for the Creme Brûlée, which truly smells like the… 

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